Friday, July 08, 2011

Chicken-N-Kalinka Compilation Vol. 6 [DJ Screw - 5 Years Celebration]

Side A
1. 4 Deep - Rollin 4 Deep
(Codine Fiend, 1995)
2. DJ DMD - So Real (Feat Mike D, Lil Keke, Fat Pat & C-Note)
(No Haters Allowed, 1996)
3. King Tee - Dippin remix
(90-FO Shit, 1994)
4. Lez Moné - Talkin Shit
(Back Up In You, 1994)
5. E.S.G. - Baller Of The Year
(Player Memories, 1996)
6. D.E.A. - Sun Hit The Fade
(In The Zone, 1996)
7. Street Military - Tears Came From Makin This Dream
(The Meadows, 1994)
8. Nate Dogg - These Days (Feat Daz Dillinger)
(Mash For My Dream, 1998)
9. Coop MC - Playa Principal
(Barre, 1996)
10. DFC - Things in Tha Hood (Feat Nate Dogg)
(Ain't Nuttin' Better, 1997)

Side B
1. Fat Pat - Freestyle (Mad Hatta - Hangin)
(10 Deep, 1995)
2. Lil Keke & Stick 1 - Freestyle (Aaliyah - At Your Best remix)
(Young G's, 1994)
3. Big Moe - Freestyle (Celly Cel - Its Going Down)
(Layed Back Rollin, 1996)
4. Pharoah from Street Military - Freestyle (Kriss Kross - Live and Die for Hip Hop)
(So Much Pain, 1996)
5. Fat Pat - Freestyle (Mass 187 - Gangsta Strut remix)
(Next Episode, 1996)
6. Lil Keke & Big Pokey - Freestyle (Goodie Mobb - Cell Therapy)
(Leanin On A Switch, 1996)
7. H.A.W.K. & Stick 1 - Freestyle (Mad CJ Mack - Come And Take A Ride)
(Saturday Nite Live, 1995)
8. Lil Keke, Fat Pat & Man Pooh - Freestyle (Mack 10 - Cavi Hit)
(Show Up And Pour Up, 1996)
9. Cl'che, D-Drew, Enjoli, Lil' O & Lil Flip - Freestyle (Lil Troy - Wanna Be A Baller)
(Southside Still Holdin, 1999)
10. Mr 3-2, Mike D & Fat Pat - Freestyle (-)
(Let's Call Up On Drank, 1996)


Chicken-N-Kalinka celebrating 5 years with a Screw Tape compilation. I have compiled some of my favorite screw joints and freestyles from classic tapes like 10 Deep, Southside Still Holdin, Lets Call Up On Drank, Barre, Codine Fiend, Leanin On A Switch, Next Episode etc.
I would like to say thanks to all the visitors and all my affiliates throughout the years.
(If anyone know the name of the instrumental Mr 3-2, Mike D & Fat Pat freestyle over from "Lets Call Up On Drank" feel free to comment, you would help me solve a long time mystery.)


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Isn't it rumoured to be something off CJ Mac's True Game album from 1995 on R-A-L? I have no idea what, because it doesn't sound like any beat off that album to me, but it can be difficult to tell sometimes if it's just a small section of a song he's Screwed down.

JB said...

Thanks, never heard that rumour before. Will disect True Game, great album.