Friday, July 15, 2011

Black Hole Posse - Sounds Of A Murder [1996][Denver, CO]

1. Intro
2. My Gloc
3. Can't Fuck Wit Me
4. Mind Of A Killa
5. Player Hate Me
6. Get Wit This
7. Give It Up (To The Mile High)
8. Killin For This Shit
9. 365 Days
10. Mass Murder 2 (Other Side)
11. Get Mines
12. Stressed
13. Heavy In My Mail
14. Better Way


Legendary group from Denver consisting of A.K. Love and O.G. Glide. This was their fourth release after the tape only "Dirty Cops" from 93, "Still Gettin Jacked" from 94 & "Denver Love" from 96. The album art by Bluegrass design is incredible, probably my favorite cover of all time. Sounds Of A Murder was produced by O.G. Glide and released on B.H.P. Records in 96.

Video: Give It Up (To The Mile High)

365 Dayz

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