Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crime Boss - All In The Game [1995][Houston, TX]

1. Intro All In The Game
2. Put 'Em Up
3. Story Goes (Feat 8Ball)
4. Fry
5. Big Chiefing
6. Recognize
7. Dreaming
8. Point Of No Return (Feat South Circle)
9. The Chick (Feat MJG)
10. Going Off
11. Outro
12. Come And Get Some (Feat South Circle, NOLA & 8Ball & MJG)


This is Houston rapper Crime Boss debut album released on Suave Records (Suave House) in 95, his first appearance was on the 8 Ball & MJG album "On The Outside Looking In" a year earlier. T-Mix brings the Phunk with a lot of bass and whiny synths. His label mates South Circle and 8Ball & MJG brings the lyrics.

Story Goes (Feat 8Ball)


Fred said...

I really like the Conflicts And Confusion album, do you think this one is the best of the 2 ?

I'm gonna get this one anyway, but just wondering.

Suave records was a good label, lots of classic records on it.

JB said...

I think this one is better overall, but conflicts and confusion got some classic fracks on it, still jam "please stop" on a regular.
Yes great label, where's t-mix today?

terje said...

i wonder the same thing, t-mix did a couple of tracks on baby & waynes "like father like son" and sued baby for not getting enough money, also i really want to know more about tony draper, a video interview at least

JB said...

Didn't know that, he should produce more.

Workin on a Suave House compilation right know, ive read something about draper in xxl not to long ago.