Monday, May 30, 2011

Pup Dog Records
Little Rock, AR
Mark “Pup Dog” Jones
(Producer: Ardell Allen, Steve Walters, Derrick Harris, Stephan Walker, Jay John)


Big Dank - The Hood Has Raised Me [1996]
Victims Of Society - On The Run [1996]
J-Mac - Boss Hoggin [1998]
Tha Kompound - We Got Em All - Recognize Where The Funk Lyes [1998]

Pup Dog Records Compilation
1. J-Mac - Give It To Em Raw
2. Tha Kompound (
Shaboodah) - A Child Raised In Poverty
3. Big Dank - Jus Pimpin
4. Tha Kompound (
Mr. Jones & The Underboss) - A-1 Cola
V.O.S. - Victims of Sociey (feat Rosby & Ta-Tanysha)


This rap label from Little Rock, Arkansas was founded by Mark Jones in the mid-90s. During a short period between 1996-1998 they released four albums. Big Dank & Victims Of Society (Money Green, GAK and Black) released The Hood Raised Me and On The Run in 96, two great southern funk records. Then in 98 St. Louis rapper J-Mac came to Little Rock and released another well produced album on the label called Boss Hoggin. In the same year Pup Dog released a compilation album named We Got Em All - Recognize Where The Funk Lyes. The label is forgotten today, but during 96-98 they produced some of the best G-Funk in the south.

(Pup Dog Records Compilation on Soundcloud)


Anonymous said...

I found a cassette by big dank and he is awesome, do you have any other information about him? Did he release any other albums

JB said...
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