Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tha Kompound - Recognize Where The Funk Lyes - We Got Em All [Little Rock, AR][1998]

1. I'm Just A Hustla (T Dog)
2. Ain't No Tellin' (Terror Dome)
3. Livin' In A Fantasy (Lil T)
4. Sheddin' Tears (V.O.S)
5. Straight Servin' (Shaboodah, Indo & Tre')
6. A-1 Cola (Mr. Jones & The Underboss)
7. Loc'd Out And Kurrupt (Lil J & Big Dank)
8. N$$%$ Don't Understand Me (Indo)
9. Can't Keep It Steady (Chalcedony & Sapphire)
10. A Child Raised In Poverty (Shaboodah)
11. Look 4 Me (Str8t Blue Gangsta Lo)
12. Suicide (King Jack, Filty Rich & Tha E.S.O.P)
13. Stressed (Tre')
14. Boss Hoggin' (J-Mac & Big Dank)
15. Tearz Of Pain (Family Thugs)
16. 16th Bump (Terror Dome)


This was the last release by the notorious Arkansas rap label Pup Dog Records. Its a compilation album with diffrent Pup Dog associated rappers. Just like V.O.S. - On The Run from 96, Recognize Where The Funk Lyes is filled with dark Southern Funk from start to finnish.

V.O.S. - Sheddin Tears

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