Monday, October 11, 2010

ED O.G - The Truth Hurts [2000][Boston, MA]

1. Sayin' Somethin'
2. Just Because (feat Free)
3. On Dogz
4. Bitch Up Off Me (feat Black Coffey)
5. What U Know (feat Nottz)
6. Too Much To Live Fo'
7. Understand
8. Extreme (feat Deric Quest)
9. Nothing Ventured (feat Black Thought)
10. Don't Talk About It
11. Situations (feat Pete Rock)
12. Work For It (feat Baldhead Slick)
13. Big Business (feat Tajai & Casual)
14. Last Word (feat The Last Word)


Legendary Boston rapper ED O.G's 4th release from 2000. Some great cuts on this one like DJ Premier produced Sayin' Somethin', Xtreme produced Extreme & DJ Supreme One produced Work for it featuring Guru. Released on Ground Control Records.

Sayin' Somethin'

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