Thursday, October 07, 2010

DJ Screw - 3 'N The Mornin Part 2(Blue) [1995][Houston, TX]

1. ESG - Watch Yo Screw
2. ESG - Sailin' Da South
3. Botany Boys - Smokin' and Leanin'
4. AL-D - No Way Out
5. Mack 10 - Foe Life
6. 20-2-Life - Servin a Duce
7. Big Moe - Sippin Codine
8. 380 - Elbows Swangin
9. Point Blank - High With the Blanksta
10. ESG - G Ride
11. AL-D - Why You Hatin Me
12. Botany Boys - Cloverland
13. Lil Keke - Pimp Tha Pen
14. Mass 187 - South Side


"I flips down the ave, know im looking good, im bangin screw nigga, diamonds up against that wood."
380 - Elbows Swangin

One of the greatest and most important records from Texas by Robert Earl Davis Jr. DJ Screw represent the Southside of H-Town to the fullest on this mix. There aint nothing better then jammin this late night danked out. Released on Bigtyme Recordz in 95.

Point Blank - High With the Blanksta


Fred said...

Hey dude, all 3 links are down, do you think you could reupload it ??

Looking to get a bit of this slooooowed-down stooooned sound haha.

Cheers !

JB said...

No problem, it should work now mate.

Fred said...

Thanks a lot man, great record !