Monday, October 18, 2010

C.O.P.S .- On Location [1997][Stockton, CA]

1. Busta Ass Niggas
2. Loc N' Up
3. West Coast Swang
4. Livin N' Stockton (209)
5. Dolla Meal $$
6. Pack Ya Straps
7. High Siden (Remix)
8. Fuckin With A Criminal
9. How A Gangsta Do It
10. Deep N' Side
11. Motel 6room9
12. Dank Call
13. Where Tha Hoe's At
14. Criminal (Outro)


Phunkdafied Northern Cali rap by C.O.P.S.(Criminals over powerin society), consisting of Attitude, Mark Skee & Producer Mike Dee. This was their first cd release, they got two tape only releases before this one: Its a boy from 92 & Kill Em from 94. All Released on 2 Peace Records.

Busta Ass Niggas

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