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In-A-Minute Records
Oakland, CA

1991 - 1997
Founder: Jason Blaine
(Producers: Black C, T.C, Dre Dog, Cognut, Stingy, The Enhancer, E-A-Ski)

4-Tay - Rappin' 4-Tay Is Back!!! [1991]
Master P - Get Away Clean [1991]
Master P - Mamas Bad boy [1992]
Pooh Man - Life Of A Criminal [1992]
RBL. Posse - A Lesson To Be Learned [1992]
Totally Insane - Direct From The Backstreet [1992]
Tru - Understanding the criminal mind [1992]
Criminal Behavior - Portrait of a killa [1993]
Dogg Pound Posse's - Dogg E Style [1993]
Dre Dog - The New Jim Jones [1993]
E-A-Ski - SKI $ CMT - Breaking Them Off Something [1993]
I.M.P. - Back In The Days [1993]
Rally Ral - Something Kind Of Funky [1993]
Sonya C - Married To The Mob [1993]
Too Short - Greatest Hits Vol. 1: The Player Years 1983-1988 [1993]
Totally Insane – Goin Insane [1993]
Pooh-Man - Ain't No Love [1994]
RBL Posse - Ruthless By Law [1994]
Dre Dog - I Hate You With A Passion [1995]
Just-Ice - Kill The Rhythm (Like A Homicide) [1995]
Mac Mill - One Mill-Yon [1995]
Totally Insane – Backstreet Life [1995]
West Coast Rhyme Sayrz - The Land Of Pimps And Hoes [1995]
I.M.P. - Ill Mannered Playas [1996]
Pooh Man - The State Vs. Poohman [1997]
RBL Posse - Eye for an eye [1997]
VA - International Blunt Funk Compilation [1997]

In-A-Minute Records Compilation

Side A
Rappin 4-Tay - The Streets Of San Francisco
(Rappin' 4-Tay Is Back!!!, 1991)
I.M.P. - Frisco (Feat Cellski, Dre Dog & Chewy C)
(Back In The Days, 1993)
Totally Insane - Smooth
(Direct From The Backstreet, 1992)
Dre Dog - Smoke Dope And Rap
(The New Jim Jones, 1993)
Master P - Bloody Murder
(Mamas Bad Boy, 1992)
RBL Posse - G's by the 1, 2, 3's
(A Lesson To Be Learned, 1992)
Pooh Man - Takin' What Life Dishes Out
(Life Of A Criminal, 1992)
Totally Insane - Backstreet Boys
(Goin Insane, 1993)
TRU - Understanding The Criminal Mind
(Understanding The Criminal Mind, 1992)
RBL Posse - Dont Give Me No Bammer
(A Lesson To Be Learned, 1992)

Side B

Totally Insane - Playaz & Hustlaz
(Backstreet Life, 1995)
West Coast Rhyme Sayrz - Mackin Foe Mines
(The Land Of Pimps And Hoes, 1995)
I.M.P. - Wild Ass West
(Ill Mannered Playas, 1996)
Dre Dog - Muthafucka (Feat Cougnut)
(I Hate You With A Passion, 1995)
RBL Posse - M.N.O.H.P
(Ruthless By Law, 1994)
Pooh Man - Gangster
(Ain't No Love, 1994)
Mac Mill - Dippin
(One Mill-Yon, 1995)
Dogg Pound Posse - Ride Me Like a Pony
(Dogg E Style, 1993)
Just Ice - Livin In Lockdown
(Kill The Rhythm (Like A Homicide), 1995)
Dre Dog - Situation Critical
(I Hate You With A Passion, 1995)

Oakland based record label founded by Jason Blaine in the early 90's. Some of the biggest Frisco rappers/groups like Dre Dog, RBL Posse & I.M.P. released their classic albums on In-A-Minute. Legendary Bay Area producers T.C. and The Enhancer did some of their finest work on this label. Oakland legend Pooh Man released three tight albums on In-A-Minute, the first one was also on Jive Records. East Palo Alto's finest Totally Insane also released three albums on the label in the early & mid-90s. Richmond raised hip hop mogul Master P collaborated with In-A-Minute on his early No Limit releases from 91-93. Even New York veteran Just Ice released his sixth studio album "Kill The Rhythm (Like A Homicide)" on In-A-Minute Records

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