Wednesday, February 02, 2011

UNLV - Underground Nation Livin Violently [1998][San Francisco, CA]

1. Intro
2. UNLV (Feat Cougnut)
3. Nuthin' But Life (Feat Cougnut)
4. Inner City
5. Outlaws and Bandits (Feat Cougnt & Snook)
6. Tha Ghetto (Feat Dirt, Leo J & Young Ed)
7. Boys to Men (Feat Jwon & Swoop)
8. International (Feat Gene-O)
9. Mother Nature (Feat Cougnut, The Deffa Heffa, Dirt & Leo J)
10. My Block (Feat Young Ed)
11. Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
12. Ghetto Prisons (Feat Cougnut, Jwon, Leo J, Swoop)
13. Mass Confusion (Feat Cougnut, The Deffa Heffa, Tommy Fat)
14. "Sav" (Feat Obituary)
15. Livin' on tha Edge (Feat Jwon & Swoop)
16. Instrumental
17. International - (Remix)(Feat Gene-O)
Bonus tracks from the Re-Release
18. Good, The Bad, And the Ugly, The (Feat Cougnut)
19. Thugalinium (Feat Cougnut)


Inner city mob music by Frisco duo UNLV (Bald Head Rick & S.B.), produced by Million Dollar Dream. Underground Nation Livin Violently is blessed with 8 features by Cougnut, so you know it´s a masterpiece. Released on Dogday Records in 98.

Inner City

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