Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5th Ward Boyz - Rated G [1995][Houston, TX]

1. Dirty
2. Concrete Hell
3. Wake Up
4. Situations
5. 5th Ward
6. The Streets
7. My Life
8. Your Life
9. Death Is Calling (feat Flesh-N-Bone)
10.Raisin' Cain
11. Swing Wide (feat UGK)
12. Busta Free
13. One Night Stand
14. Step Into My Hood


Rated G is 5th Ward Boyz (E-Rock, 007 and Lo-Life) third Rap-A-Lot release & their best work. Raw lyrics from the north side of houston laced with gangsta funk by Mike Dean (co-produced by The 5th Ward Boyz), Scarface (Death Is Calling) & Pimp C on the texas anthem Swing wide.

Video: Situations

Swing Wide (feat UGK)


Talladega said...

Nice.. I remeber i was listening alot to Your Life a few years ago but then i forgot about this guys.
I havent heard the other songs yet but i supose they are dope aswell...

Talladega af Brytburken..

JB said...

Yeah great song, the whole album is jammin. Very underrated group, i pretty much like all their stuff from the 90s.