Friday, September 10, 2010

Cat-Dat - G's Live Forever [1995][Flint, MI]
1. Intro 2. Fuck That Bastard 3. Steady Mourning 4. Last Serving Soldier 5. Rolling Threw Your Hood 6. Today We Bury The Homie 7. G's Live Forever 8. Do You Feel Me 9. The Game Is The Reason For Livin 10. Since Eighty-Six 11. Today We Bury The Homie (Remix) 12. Still In The Game Download Some tight gangsta shit by Flint rapper Cat-Dat, sounds like a lost Scarface album from the mid 90s. Produced by the legendary Steve Pitts who did all the Dayton Family albums back in the day. Released on Pointblank Records/Funkstreet Records in 95. Props to Terje for this one! Still In The Game


Ynkdope said...

Would it be possible to reupload this

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