Thursday, September 16, 2010

H.A.W.K. - Under H.A.W.K.'s Wings [2000][Houston, TX]

1. Down N H-Town [Remix] (feat Big Pokey, Mike D & Lil' Keke)
2. Haters Luv It (When You're Down) (feat Shonda "Skyy")
3. World Come 2 an End (feat Godfather & Chris Ward)
4. Roll Up A Blunt (feat Big Moe, Big Pokey, Mike & Breeze)
5. Do You Luv It (feat D-Gotti & Will-Lean)
6. H.A.W.K. (feat Big Moe & Kedra Brown)
7. That's Me (feat Lil' O, Mike D & Chris Ward)
8. I Can Make You Dance (feat E.S.G., Lil' Keke, DJ Screw & C-Note)
9. Heart Of A Hustler (feat Lil' Keke, Fat Pat, Mike D & Kay-K)
10. Million Dollar Block (feat Jonathan "Gotti" Bonnano, Lil' O & D-Gotti)
11. What's Happenin' Out Here (feat Mr. 3-2 & Big Steve)
12. Cheddar (feat Big Pokey, Mr. 3-2 & Clay-Doe)
13. Only Tyme Will Tale (feat Dead End B.G.)
14. Somebody Say Oh Yeah! (feat Chris Ward, Mike D, Lil' Flip & Big Pokey)
15. Under H.A.W.K.'Z Wingz (feat Ronnie Spencer, Skyy & Ronnie "Shuga" Smith)


The first solo record by SUC rapper Big HAWK (RIP), from the Dead End block of Martin Luther King Blvd in Houston. H.A.W.K got one of the best flows in Texas alongside his brother Fat Pat(RIP). Great features by almost the whole Screwed Up Click. Released on Dead End Records in 2000, produced by Sean 'Solo' Jemison, J.P. Nitty,Swift etc.

Video: Haters Luv It (When You're Down) (feat Shonda "Skyy")

Heart Of A Hustler (feat Lil' Keke, Fat Pat, Mike D & Kay-K)

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