Monday, January 04, 2010

Above The Law - Time Will Reveal [1996][Pomona, CA]

1. Intro
2. Encore
3. Evil That Men Do
4. Table Dance (Skit)
5. Gorilla Pimpin' (Enuff & Kokane)
6. 1996
7. Killaz in the Park (Feat MC Ren)
8. 100 Spokes
9. Clinic 2000 (Enuff & Daddy Cool)
10. My World
11. Endonesia
12. Shout 2 the True
13. Playaz & Gangstas
14. City of Angels [Remix] (feat Frost)
15. Apocalypse Now


Really good album by Above The Law, released on Tommy Boy in 96. This record gets better everytime i listen to it, not a singel bad track. Cold187um the greatest producer/musician/rapper (in company with Pimp C) comes up with some amazing music on this one and KMG is always on point with his lyrics.

Videos: 100 Spokes
City of Angels [Remix] (feat Frost)

Favorite Joint: 100 Spokes

Bonus: Above the Law - 100 Spokes (Crazy C's Fresh on D's Remix)

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