Monday, December 28, 2009

Lil Ramsey - Goin Undercover [1994][Memphis, TN]

1. Dirty Hoes Luv This Shit (feat Project Pimp)
2. Magnolia (feat Project Pimp, Mac T-Dogg, Tommy Wright III)
3. Kickin In Doors (feat ¨Tommy Wright III)
4. Losin My Mind
5. Fuck Wit Us & Get Murdered (feat Tommy Wright III)
6. Crime Click (feat Tommy Wright III)
7. Game Fucked Up (feat project pimp)
8. Goin Undercover (feat Tommy Wright III)


One of the finest releases in the Street Smart Catalog. Lil Ramsey from the Magnolia Crime Click goes hard on his debut tape with amazing guest spots from Project Pimp, Mac T-Dogg and Tommy Wright III kills it as always.

Favorite Joint: Kickin In Doors (feat ¨Tommy Wright III)

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