Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Street Military - Dont Give A Damn [1993][Houston, TX]

1. Tears Came From Making This Dream
2. I Don't Give a Damn
3. Another Hit
4. Street Military Outro
5. Don't Play With a Gun
6. Gasta Get Paid
7. Dead in a Year


Raw Houston rap at its finest, jammin beats by Icey Hott and tight lyrics by Pharoah, Lil Flea, K.B Da Kidnappa and Nutt(Rest in peace). Free Pharoah!

Favorite Joint: Don't Play With a Gun
Rating: 18/20


Space Hogg said...


Jag läste en kommentar härom dagen som fick mig att fundera lite:

"Z-Ro Trae And a number of Screwed Up Click members really don't get the respect that they are owed. Even at this point in his career Z-Ro still makes great music, but I personally feel in my opinion that his earlier work (dated back in 1989 when he blessed the SPC Killa Klan and Street Military albums) was more raw and uncut. You all are just now being exposed to the music that we as young Texas Boys came up on, That we listened to as kids. If these music critics gave an accurate account of the music in truth Z-Ro's first appearances were in the late 80's.I read somewhere that his first works were in 1998, by then the man had an arsenal of club bangers considered to us now as CLASSIC."

Vet du vilka album han syftar på?

JB said...

Låter skumt att z-ro varit med sen slutet av 80-talet. Det enda jag vet är att z-ro var/är medlem i Killa Klan. Han berättade i någon interjuv att han startade rappa med killa klan och street military, men kommer inte på några spc affilierade album innan 98 som han var med på. Kan nog vara en fråga för Maynholup på cocaineblunts hehe.

Space Hogg said...

Sant, karln är ett geni. Ska fråga honom på twitter...

Du läser väl hans twitter? sjukt festlig dude..