Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Bay Area

RBL Posse - Ruthless By Law [1994][San Francisco, CA]

1. Bounce to This feat Cellski
2. Blue Bird
3. I Got My Nine
4. Funkdafied
5. Listen to My Creep
6. Sound
7. M.N.O.H.P. feat Cellski
8. Livin That Life
9. Niggas on the Jock
10. Feels Good to Be a Gangsta
11. Pass the Zigzags
12. Smoke a Blunt
13. Dedication (Bitch or a Hoe)
14. Still Ain't Learned
15. Herm (The Message)(Outro)


This is the second album from the classic group from Hunters Point in SF, it was released in 94 on the legendary frisco label In-A-Minute Records.
Funkdafied beats & rhymes by RBL members MR. Cee(RIP), Hitman(RIP) and Black C.

Favorite Joint: M.N.O.H.P. feat Cellski
Videos: Bounce To This
Rating: 17/20

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