Saturday, February 07, 2009

E.S.G. - Ocean Of Funk [1995][Houston, TX]

1. Intro
2. Swangin And Bangin (Screwed)
3. The South
4. Crooked Streets
5. If It Ain't One Thang It's Another
6. Anticipation
7. Flipping
8. My Real Ni**az
9. Ocean Of Funk
10. How Many Hoes
11. Birdies That Don't Chirp
12. Two Glocks Two Hoes
13. 9-Trey
14. Swangin And Bangin
15. Smoke On


"Sip syrup swang and bang, jam nothing but that Screw fool"
Classic H-Town debut album by ESG, top notch g-funk production by Sean "Solo" Jemison and The Freestyle King of the SUC doesn't disappoint with his flow and rhymes that comfortably fit the whiny synth melodies.

Favorite Joint: If It Ain't One Thang It's Another
Rating: 18/20

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