Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dirty South

Trick Daddy - [1998][Miami, FL]

1. Log On
2. For the Thugs
3. Back in the Days
4. So What (featuring Lost Tribe)
5. Tater Head
6. Nann Nigga (featuring Trina)
7. Hold On
8. Call from Dante
9. Change My Life (featuring Mark)
10. I'll Be Your Other Man (featuring J.A.B.A.N.)
11. Suckin' Fuckin' (featuring Co)
12. Stroke It Gently
13. Run Nigga (featuring Funk Boogie & Tre+6)
14. Living in a World (featuring Society)
15. I'll Be Your Player (remix)
16. Log Off


One of the most underrated rappers in the game Trick Daddy Dollars sophomore effort is full of dope club bangers and thugged out tracks. Trick Daddy introduced the world to Trina on the hit Nann Nigga, she probably drops my favorite verse by a female rapper on that joint.

Favorite Joint: Back in the Days
Videos: Nann Nigga (featuring Trina)
Rating: 17/20


hugowittorf said...

nann nigga fick mig att flyga genom väggen hemma i föräldrahemmet back in the day.. tack för den här!

JB said...

Hehe samma här, blev kär i trina efter hennes vers. Borde inte trick komma med ngt nytt snart? var väl typ 3 år sen senast.