Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ruff Era Records
Founder: Henry E. Glover
New Orleans, LA
Producers: Crazy, Demon, Face Forever, Mr. Sinister, Ice Mike, T-Bone, Ezell Swang, Hakeem, White Boy Greg, Solo, Wydell

Face Forever - World of Crime [1996]
Legend Man - Pressure & Pain [1997]
Sporty T - Chromed Out [1997]
Crazy - I Shed Tears For The World [1998]
Crazy - Please Dont Kill Me [1999]

Ruff Era Records Compilation
Face Forever - Rollin In My Ride (Feat Legend Man)
(World of Crime, 96)
Crazy - Chopper
(I Shed Tears For The World, 98)
Sporty T - Dope Tito
(Chromed Out, 97)
Crazy - Please Dont Kill Me
(Please Dont Kill Me, 99)
Legend Man - Ruff Era Compilation (Feat Crazy, Demon, Face Forever, Mr. Sinister)
(Pressure & Pain, 97)

A New Orleans based rap label founded by Henry E. Glover. The first release was World of Crime by a duo called Face Forever, consisting of J.S. and Big Nut. They released their debut R.A.W. on RedRum Records a year earlier. Legend Man and Crazy from Murder Inc. released 3 solo albums on Ruff Era between 1997-1999. Ninja Crew veteran Sporty T made Chromed Out for Ruff Era in 1997.

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KenAdams said...

FINALLY! Damn, i was waiting for this since your last post. Good work! I was listening to Crazy when he was on No Limit, but those Albums were way better.
Hope to see new compilations coming soon