Thursday, April 03, 2014

Murder One Records
Founder: Pedro (Front Page)
East Palo Alto, CA
(Produced by: Sean T, G-Man Stan, C-Funk)

Murder One Gangster - Exposed To The Game [1992]
Sean-T - Straight From The Streets [1993]
Chunk - Break Em Off A Chunk [1994]
Roots - Roots From The Underground [1994]
Kaos - In The Mist Of Kaos [1995]

Murder One Records compilation 

Side A
1. Murder One Gangster - Smoov
(Exposed To The Game, 92)
2. Chunk - Servin Mutha Fuckas
(Break Em Off A Chunk, 94)
3. Sean-T - Get Gone
(Straight From The Streets, 93)
4. Roots - Buck Shots
(Roots From The Underground, 94)
5. Kaos - For The Money
(In The Mist Of Kaos, 95)

Side B
6. Roots - P.A.P.'s Going Murder One
(Roots From The Underground, 94)
7. Murder One Gangster - Act Nutty
(Exposed To The Game, 92)
8. Chunk - Watch Out For The Setup
(Break Em Off A Chunk, 94)
9. Kaos - It Ain't Easy (Feat Trigga Face, Scrib, Young C)
(In The Mist Of Kaos, 95)
10. Sean-T - Murder One Gangster
(Straight From The Streets, 93)

A compilation of tracks from Murder One Records out of East Palo Alto. Murder One started by Pedro aka Front Page and the roster consisted of M.O.G (Kaos, Sean-TTop Dog), Roots from the Underground (Papoose and Mobboss) and Chunk. Sean-T was the in-house producer.


KenAdams said...

i really love those mixtapes by record companies and by artists. awesome collection of 90s hiphop! please continue your work, hope to see some more soon.
just an idea, maybe a collection of c-loc records/concentration camp artists. :)

JB said...

Thank you! Good idea, haven't listend to C-Loc for a long time, should be great!