Monday, November 21, 2011

Bloods & Crips - Bangin On Wax 2... The Saga Continues [1994][Los Angeles, CA]

1. Brothers to Brothers
2. G's and Loc's
3. Gangsta Shit
4. Send That Crab Off to Die
5. Mafia Lane
6. Fuck Crab (Skit)
7. Can't Stop, Won't Stop
8. Time Is Gone Nigga
9. Set Trippin'
10. East Side Rip Rider
11. 187 (Skit)
12. Slob 187
13. Slobs Keep on Slippin'
14. Every Dog Has His Day
15. Crip 4 Life
16. Wish You Were Here


This is the follow-up to the first Bangin On Wax record from 93. Organized by Ron "Ronnie Ron" Phillips and Tweedy Bird Loc, gang members from Bloods & Crips came together and released another raw album. Produced by Big Wy, Duké-E-Fingaz, George & Darrell, Leroy Dukes, Lil Stretch, Ronnie M. Phillips and Tweedy Bird Loc.

(Rest In Peace: Spyder, Tip Toe, O.G Mad Eye, Bloody Mary aka Nini X, B-Brazy, Lil' Laniak 2, Batman, AWOL, Crip Inch, Big Freeze )

G's and Loc's
Wish You Were Here

Mafia Lane

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