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Dangerous Records
Los Angeles, CA
Founder: Ron”Ronnie Ron” Phillips
(Producers: Duke-E-Fingaz, Battlecat, J-Stank, Ronnie Ron, Tweedy Bird Loc, George & Darrell, Leroy Dukes.....)

Bloods & Crips - Bangin On Wax [1993]
Ronnie Ron - Gangsta boom - Sample Your Ass off [1993]
Young Soldierz - Young Soldierz [1993]
Bloods & Crips - Bangin on wax 2 - The Saga Continues [1994]
NiNi X - She's Dangerous [1994]
Tweedy Bird Loc - No Holds Barred [1994]
Damu Ridas - Damu Ridas [1995]
Fo' Clips Eclipse - Just Be Thankful [1995]
Nationwide Rip Ridaz - Nationwide Rip Ridaz [1995]
Bloods & Crips - Bangin on Wax - Greatest Hits [1996]
Bloods - Bang'n On Wax - Best Of The Damu's [1997]
Crips - Bang'n On Wax - Best Of The Crips [1997]
Bloods - Damu Ridas - Vol. 2 - How Deep Is Your Hood [1998]
Crips - Nationwide RIP Ridaz - Vol 2 - Betrayed [1998]
The Best of Ronnie Ron's - Gangsta Lations Album [2000]

Dangerous Records Compilation

Side A
1. Bloods & Crips - Bangin' On Wax
(Bangin On Wax, 93)
2. Tweedy Bird Loc - Walk that Walk
(No Holds Barred, 94)
3. Damu Ridas - '2' Famous Dogs (To All Dogs)
(Bloods - Bang'n On Wax - Best Of The Damu's, 97)
4. Nini X - You & Yo N....
(She's Dangerous, 94)
5. Young Soldierz - If Tomorrow Comes
(Young Soldierz, 93)

Side B
1. Bloods - Piru Love
(Bangin on wax, 93)
2. Nationwide Rip Ridaz - Nationwide Rip Ridaz
(Nationwide Rip Ridaz, 95)
3. G' Len - Woop Woop
(Woop Woop, 95)
4. Fo' Clips Eclipse - Can't Do Nothing 4 Me
(Just Be Thankful, 95)
5. Crips - C-Alright
(Crips - Bang'n On Wax - Best Of The Crips, 97)


Los Angeles based record label founded by Ronnie Ron in the early 90's. With the help of Tweedy Bird Loc and legendary producer Battlecat the first Bloods & Crips album "Bangin On Wax" was released in 93. The same year Ronnie Ron did his own thing on a instrumental record called "Sample Your Ass Off" and a group consisting of Bloods & Crips members Big WY, Lil' Stretch, Dog and Pops released a self titled album called "Young Soldierz". In 94 "Bangin On Wax 2" was released and solo albums from Tweedy Bird Loc (Kelly Park Compton Crip) and NiNi X aka Bloody Mary (Avenue Piru Gang). In 95 Bloods and Crips split up and released two self titled albums called Nationwide Rip Ridaz (Crips) and Damu Ridas (Bloods). The same year Fo' Clips Eclipse (Kelly Park Compton Crip) released "Just Be Thankful". Between 96-00 Ronnie Ron released three best of records from the Bloods & Crips project and two more albums with the Damu Ridas and Nationwide Rip Ridaz.
(RIP Ronnie Ron, Fo' Clips Eclipse & NiNi X)

Dangerous Records video collection
Bangin On Wax DVD
(Props to Ghetto187Murda)

More info Discogs & Interview with Ronnie Ron about Dangerous Records (Siccness thread)

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