Thursday, April 24, 2008

West Coast

Bloods & Crips - Bangin On Wax [1993][Los Angeles, CA]

1 Gangsta Talk
2 Bangin' on Wax
3 Shuda Beena B-Dog
4 C-Sick
5 Rip a Crab in Half
6 Piru Love
7 No Way Out
8 I Killed Ya Dead Homies
9 C-K Ride$
10 Crippin' Ain't Easy
11 Crazy Lil' Nigga
12 Another Slob Bites the Dust
13 Crip, Crip, Crip
14 Puttin' in Work
15 Steady Dippin'
16 Mackin' to Slob Bitches
17 K's Up
18 Bro Dahwood-Transmigrator of the Soul


Jammin album from 93, the legendary west coast producer Ron "Ronnie Ron" Phillips
brought some gang members from Bloods & Crips together to make a record. The result was great.

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