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 Rap-A-Lot Records Part 8 1997

Founder: James Smith aka j Prince
Houston, TX
Producers: O.G. Dewey, N.O. Joe, Crazy C, John Bido, Mike Dean, Tony Randel, Reddy Red,  Darrell Williams, James Foster, James Smith, Michael Banks, Troy "Pee Wee" Clark, Brad Jordan, Leroy "Precise" Edwards, Mark "Too Cool" Marine, Uncle Eddie, Richard Nash, Andre Barnes aka 007, Eric Taylor aka E-Rock, Grizz, CJ Mac, Mad, Hangmen 3.  Swift, Gregory Jackson, The Legendary Traxter, Tone Capone, Freddy Young, Tim Walker, Marlin Demby, Mr. Lee...

Ghetto Twiinz - In That Water [1997]
Seagram - Souls on Ice [1997]
Big Mike - Still Serious [1997]
Too Much Trouble - Too Much Weight [1997]
Scarface - The Untouchable [1997]
5th Ward Boyz - Usual Suspects [1997]

Rap-A-Lot Mix 1997
1. Scarface - Mary Jane
[The Untouchable]
2. Big Mike - All A Dream (Feat Tre'mendous)
[Still Serious]
3. 5th Ward Boyz - PWA (Feat Willie D & Devin The Dude)
[Usual Suspects]  
4. Seagram - Sleepin in My Nikes (Feat Scarface)
[Souls on Ice]
5. Ghetto Twiinz - Responsibility
[In That Water]
6. Too Much Trouble - Take Me To War (Feat 5th Ward Boyz)
[Too Much Weight]
7. Big Mike - Black Laquer
[Still Serious]
8. 5th Ward Boyz - I know (Feat Scarface)
[Usual Suspects] 
9. Scarface - Smile (Feat 2Pac & Johnny P)
[The Untouchable]
10. Too Much Trouble - Hustlers Got It Ruff
[Too Much Weight]
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