Wednesday, February 17, 2021

 O.B. Records

Memphis, TN
(Producer: D.J. Zae, SMK for Bulletproof Productions, Hosea Patterson, Uda Cyda productions)


The Legend Lady J - Glock N My Hand [1994] 
Big Mar - Real Killas ‎[1995]
Radical T - Bitches Ain't Shit [1995]
D.J. Pinky, Baby GregHard Time [1995] 
The Legend Lady J - Life In The Ghetto [1996]











O.B. Records Compilation

1. The Legend Lady J - Glock N My Hand (Prod D.J. Zae)
[Glock N My Hand, 1994]
2. DJ Pinky - Niggas Out Tha South 
[Hard Time, 1995]
3. The Legend Lady J - Its Da Bump (Prod Uda Cyda productions)
[Life In The Ghetto, 1996] 
4. Big Mar - Planet Full Of Pimps (Prod D.J. Zae)
[Real Killas, 1995]
5. DJ Pinky - Aint No Hoe Shit 
[Hard Time, 1995]
6. The Legend Lady J -  Step On The Stage (Prod Hosea Patterson)
[Life In The Ghetto, 1996]
7. Big Mar - Rollin With Tha Click (Prod D.J. Zae)
[Real Killas, 1995]
8. The Legend Lady J - Chronic Dope (Prod D.J. Zae)
[Glock N My Hand, 1994]
9. DJ Pinky - Step In To My Room
[Hard Time, 1995]
10. The Legend Lady J - It's The 90's M-Town (Prod SMK for Bulletproof Productions)
[Life In The Ghetto, 1996]
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