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Chicken-N-Kalinka Vol. 29 [Ganksta Funk pt. 2: Bay Area Mobb Shit]

Side A
1. Playaz Tryna Strive (P.T.S.). - They Say Y.D.L.L. [Prod Filthy Rich
(All Frames Of The Game, 1996, Sick Wid It/Jive)
2. Guce - City That Dont Sleep [Prod Big Webb & Guce]
(Pure Pressure, 1995, Riot Records) 
3. Richie Rich - Busta Phree [Prod DJ Daryl & Richie Rich]
(1/2 (Half Thang), 1995, Shot Records)
4. Hitman (of RBL Posse) - Deeper & Deeper [Prod Black C]
(Solo Creep, 1995, Right Way Productions)
5. Ant Banks - Fuckin' Wit Banks (Ft Goldy & Too $hort) [Prod Ant Banks]
(The Big Badass, 1994, Jive) 
6. Too Short - Another Day [Prod QD III]
(Get In Where You Fit In, 1993, Jive)
7. Funk Mobb - Millasville Playa (feat. Levitti) [Prod LeVitti 
(It Ain't 4 Play, 1996, Sick Wid It/Jive)
8. Mr. Sandman - Everyday All Day [Prod Black C]
(Out Of Time, 1997, Bay Rider Entertainment)
9. Mac Dre - Crest Creepers (Feat Da Unda Dogg, Sugawolf, Jamar, Mac Mall, Naked, Reek Daddy) [Prod Funk Daddy]
(Stupid Doo Doo Dumb, 1998, Romp Records)
10. E-40 - Sittin Sideways (Feat B-Legit & Mac Shawn)  [Prod Funk Daddy]
(In A Major Way, 1995, Sick Wid It/Jive)

Side B
11. Cellski - Roll Yo Vogues (Feat Baldhead Rick, S.B. Baby Cougnut) [Prod Cellski]
(West Coast Bad Boyz II, 1997, No Limit)
12. N.O.H. Mafia - Now They Wanna Jock [Prod Black C]
(Niggaz on High, 1996, Right Way Productions)
13. King George - So Much Cash (Feat Grip) [Prod Anthony "AK" Walker]
(Life Of A Kingpin, 1996, Highness Records)
14. UNLV - Livin On Tha Edge (feat . Jwon & Swoop) [Prod Million Dollar Dream]
(Underground Nation Livin' Violently, 1998, DogDay)
15. Mac Mall - Telly [Prod Khayree]
(Untouchable, 1996, Relativity Records)
16. Celly Cel - Playerizm [Prod Studio Ton]
(Killa Kali, 1995, Sick Wid It/Jive)
17. Rappin Ron & Ant Diddley Dog - Buster Free [Prod Mike]
(Bad-N-Fluenz, 1995, Cell Block Records)
18. 2-Illeven - On The Real (feat. Kevy Kev & Sco-Loc) [Prod B.A.N. Productions]
(Ounce Of Game, 1996, Felony/Buck Fifty Records)
19. B-Legit - Can My Nine Get Ate [Prod Studio Ton]
(The Hemp Museum, 1996, Sick Wid It/Jive)
20. I.M.P. - The Bay Way [Prod Rob V.
(Ill Mannered Playas, 1996, In-A-Minute Records)

Youtube playlist + bonus tracks

(Tru - 3 StrikesJ. Dubb - Paper Chase (feat. Gangsta-P) , Primo - Creepin' Through The FogJ-Dogg - Me And MineFly Nate The Banksta - BankstaLil Fly - California Funk (Feat Rappin' 4-Tay)GLP - G's About Da SituationYoung Ed - My Way (Inner City Mix)Loced Out - Product Of Da GameCool-E - Take The Case (Feat B-Legit)Gangsta P - It's Goin Down In OaklandKilla Keise - In My TimeWest Coast Rhyme Sayrz - Mackin Foe MinesNutt-So - Pool Party RBL Posse - I Got My NineSpice 1 - Face of A Desperate ManYoung Woo - D.F.N.Ben B. Hard - Bombsack Cognac3x Krazy - Keep It On The RealN.O.H. Mafia - Voices In My HeadT-Lowe - Walk Like A GGee-Que - The Land Of The FunkThe Mossie - Nobody Can Be You But You (Feat. E-40)Geto Made - Keep Em ShookB-Legit - My Flow Of CashBlack Nate - The PlotYoung Cellski - Livin In The BayIronic - Tha Big WillaR.C. Funk - Single LifeBig Bur-Na - Daze Of Bur-Na 2 Of The Crew - All Day ChillBig Mack Ft Double R. - MicrophoneCougnut - Take A RideAlley Kats - Where You Get Yo' Funk FromMr. Ill - Expect The Unexpected feat. F.M. BlueCelly Cel - It's Goin DownBad-N-Fluenz- Deep ShitNeva Legal Ft Mac'N-Tosh - Deadly GroundsJus Family Presents - Visciously Beatin - Kenny Mack Feat. Ray Ray3x Krazy- Keep It On The RealDre Dog - Muthafucka ft. CougnutD-Shot - (I'll Be Yo') Huckleberry (Ft E-40)R.T.D Click - Westmob Kickin It Father Dom - FlossinUndasett - Nuttin' To A MackGangsta D - Down 4 Me (Feat B.C.)Rappin' 4-Tay - A Lil' Some'em, Some'emSuga T - It's All GoodLavish Style Hustlers Klan . Pussy Hound Ridin' HighDre-Mo - Real Homies (Ft E.B.P.)Mac Fleet - Right On TimeD-Bone - Face the FactsMoe Man - Straight RealAnt Banks - Roll 'em Phat)

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