Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chicken-N-Kalinka Vol. 26 [Big Syke]

Side A
Thug Life - How Lomg Will They Mourn Me (Feat Nate Dog)
(Vol 1, 1994, Priority Records)
Big Syke - Enjoy N Life
(Be Yo' Self, 1996, TNT Recordings)
Evil Mind Gangsta's - U Trippin' Bitch
(All Hell Breakin' Loose,1993, Organize Records)
Spice 1 - 510, 213 (Feat. Big Syke & WC)
The Black Bossalini aka Dr. Bomb From Da Bay, 1997, Jive)
Tupac - Picture Me Rollin (Feat Big Syke)
(All Eyez On Me, 1996, Deathrow)
5th Ward Boyz - All The Same (Feat Big Syke)
(P.W.A. 1999, Rap-A-Lot)
Big Syke - Satellite Niggaz (Feat Above The Law)
(Be Yo' Self, 1996, TNT Recordings)
Thug Life - Cradle To The Grave
(Vol 1, 1994, Priority Records)
Nate Dogg - Sexy Girl (Feat Big Syke)
(The Prodigal Son, 2000,  K-Town Records)
OFTB - Better Dayz (Feat 2Pac & Big Syke) 
(The Missing D.R. Files, 2007 (1996/1997)

Side B
Big Syke - Why
(Be Yo' Self, 1996, TNT Recordings)
Knight Owl - Lifestyles Of A G (feat. Big Syke & Krow)
(The Wicked West, 1998, Familia Records)
Khayree - Mista Mista Dopeman (Feat. Big Syke)
(The Blackalation, 1997,Young Black Brotha Records)
Big Syke - All The Time
(Big Syke, 2002, RideOnUm/Rap-A-Lot)
Thug Life - Shit Dont Stop
(Vol 1, 1994, Priority Records)
C-Bo - Raised In Hell
(Til My Casket Drops, 1998, AWOL)
Big Syke - Aint No Love
(Be Yo' Self, 1996, TNT Recordings)
Tupac - All Eyez On Me (Feat Big Syke)
(All Eyez On Me, 1996, Deathrow)
Big Syke - Seemz To Hang On
(Street Commando, 2002, Rideonum Entertainment Group)
Thug Life - Bury Me A G
(Vol 1, 1994, Priority Records)