Thursday, March 14, 2013

Funk Mobb Records
Stockton, CA
Founder: Ro-D
(Producers: Smash, Lil Squeek, Ro-D aka Mr. International, F-Man, Jeremy Imbesi, Donald G, Crazy 8)

Funk Mobb - Don't Fake The Funk [1994]
Young Mack-T - Life In The Game [1995]
D.O.A. - Feva In Tha Funk House [1996]
D.O.A. - Habitual [1996]
D.O.A. - Tha Recipe [1997]
Soul Jackers - The Beginning [1997]
Funk Mobb Records present: Funkaffiliated part one [1998]

Funk Mobb - Funk Mobb 
Funk Mobb - It’s Time
D.O.A. - It's Way Serious [1996]

Funk Mobb Records compilation

Side A
1. D.O.A. - Fryin Bacon
(Habitual, 1996)
2. Young Mack-T - One Hitta Quitta
(Life In The Game, 1995)
3. Funk Mobb - We Comin At Ya (Extended)
(Don't Fake The Funk, 1994)
4. D.O.A. - As A Youngsta
(Tha Recipe, 1997)
5. Ro-D - For You Riders (Feat Produktz Of Tha Undaground)
(Funkaffiliated part one, 1998)

Side B
6. Young Mack-T - As A Youngsta
(Life In The Game, 1995)
7. D.O.A. It's On
(Habitual, 1996)
8. Mac Mar - Point Blank
(The Beginning, 1997)
9. D.O.A. - Steady Mobbin
(Feva In Tha Funk House, 1996)
10. Young Mack-T - Life In The Game
(Life In The Game, 1995)

Stockton based record label active between 1994 - 1998. Funk Mobb Records was built around the group Funk Mobb (not to be confused with Funk Mobb from Vallejo) consisting of Ro-D, Chillin Rube, Young Mack-T & Mac Mar. Funk Mobb became D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival) in 1995. Chillin Rube and Mac Mar was replaced with Baby Gator and Lil Squeek. The two new members left the group after Habitual and Mack-T's brother Doo-Lo fresh out of prison joined the group on Tha Recipe. Funk Mobb also released a solo record with Young Mack-T and two compilation albums; Soul Jackers and Funkaffiliated. The last album was distributed by Solar Music Group. Read more about Funk Mobb Records story in Young Mack-T aka Tizzle aka Yung Slicks biography.

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