Sunday, September 30, 2012

South Central Cartel - N Gatz We Truss [1994][Los Angeles, CA]

1. Bring It on
2. Drive Bye Homicide
3. Servin' 'Em Heat
4. Gang Stories (featuring Big Mike & Tre-Duce)
5. Seventeen Switches
6. U Couldn't Deal wit Dis
7. Do It SC Style
8. Dick Suckin' Contest
9. Had to Be Loc'd
10. Lil Knucklehead
11. It's a S.C.C. Thang (featuring The Chi-Lites)
12. Stay Out da Hood
13. Rollin' Down da Block
14. Get 'Em
15. Gangsta Team (featuring MC Eiht, Ice-T, Spice 1 & 2Pac)
16. Shot Outz
17. Marinate
18. Hoo Riding' in da Central


Classic album by South Central Cartel from Los Angeles. SCC consist of Prodeje, Havoc, L.V., Jam-O-Rama, Havikk The Rhimeson, Cali Pitts, DJ Ace, DJ Kaos and DJ Gripp.
Produced by Havoc and Prodeje. Released on G.W.K. Records in 1994.

Servin' 'Em Heat
Gang Stories (featuring Big Mike & Tre-Duce)
Seventeen Switches
It's a S.C.C. Thang (featuring The Chi-Lites)

Had to Be Loc'd

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