Sunday, September 09, 2012

B-Legit - Tryin To Get A Buck [1993][Vallejo, CA]

1. Way Too Vicious (feat E-40) 
2. Can't Fuck W'it Me (feat E-40) 
3. The Savage 
4. Tryin' To Get A Buck 
5. Fuck And Get Up (feat Little Bruce) 
6. Dank Game 
7. Dank Room 
8. Can't Stop Me (feat E-40 & Levitti) 
9. Brought Us Back Chablis 
10. Late Nighter 
11. B-Legit 
12. Just Living (feat Mac Shawn) 
13. Daily Routine 
14. Smob Out 

Great solo debut by The Click's B-Legit from Vallejo.
Produced by Studio Ton. Released on Sick Wid It records/SMG in 1993.

Daily Routine

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