Sunday, July 08, 2012

DJ Screw - Ridin Dirty [1996][Houston, TX]

Side A
UGK - Fuck My Car (Freestyle with UGK) 
Total - No One Else (Freestyle with Bun B)
Kriss Kross - Live and Die For Hip-Hop (Freestyle with Grace and Pimp C
Mack 10 - Fo' Life (Freestyle with Bun B)
WC - The One (Freestyle with Bun B)
MC Lyte - Keepin' On (Freestyle with Grace and Pimp C)
Twinz - 4 Eyes 2 Heads (Freestyle with Pimp C)
Tha Dogg Pound - Let's Play House (Freestyle with Bun B)
Ant Banks - Money Don't Make the Man (Instrumental with Bun B)
Ice Cube - Check Yo' Self (Freestyle with Grace and Bun B)
Concious Daughters - Funky Expedition (Freestyle with Bun B)
It's Going On (Freestyle with Bun B)
Big 50 - So Tight (Freestyle with Pimp C)
Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs (Freestyle with Pimp C)
The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy (Freestyle with Pimp C)
Lords of Lyrics - Wanna B Free (Freestyle with Bun B)
Tha Dogg Pound - Reality (Freestyle with Pimp C)
Too $hort - Top Down (Freestyle with Pimp C)

Side B
C-Bo - Do Or Die In The Hood
Mac Mall - Players Wit Da Choppaz
Dogg Pound - One By One
Westside Connection - Westward Hoe
B-Legit - Gotta Buy Dope From Us (Feat C-Bo)
Snoop Dogg - Traffic Jam
Snoop Dogg - Doggy Land
2Pac - Life Of An Outlaw
Tony Toni Tone' - Let's Get Down (Feat DJ Quik)
2Pac - If I Die Tonight

Ridin Dirty is UGK's legendary personal screw tape from 1996. Pimp C and Bun B goes back and forth over some of their favorite beats, joined by Grace from the SUC.

Big 50 - So Tight (Freestyle with Pimp C)

 (Bun B, DJ Screw & Pimp C)

More info: Bun B on making the tape at


Andre Hicks said...

det fotot e sinnes ju

JB said...

Ahh tung! Finns i insidan på Ridin Dirty skivan.