Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby D - Lil Chopper Toy [2002][Atlanta, GA]

1. Intro (feat. Big Oomp) 
2. Get Crunk (feat. Lil' C) 
3. Live In Concert (skit) 
4. ATL Hoe! (feat. Lil Jon, Pastor Troy & Archie) 
5. Stomp That Shit (feat. Lil' C) 
6. Gangsta Walk (feat. Jazze Pha, Lil' C & Slim J) 
7. We Got The Club Jumpin (feat. Lil' Will) 
8. Big Korey (skit) 
9. Eastside Vs Westside Remix 
10. We Came To Get That Cheese (feat. 8Ball & MJG) 
11. Ridin In A Chevy, Pt. 2 (feat. Lil' C) 
12. Make Yo Shoulders Jump 
13. Slammin Cadillac Doors 
14. We Too Deep (feat. Lil' C & Loko) 
15. Gregg Street Party (skit) 
16. Let's Start A Fight (feat. Slim J) 
17. Suckas And Bustas 
18. Drop A Little Lower (feat. Ying Yang Twins) 
19. Bouncin (feat. Lil' C & Loko) 
20. Do You Wanna 

Oomp Camp member Baby D's sophomore release from 2002. Really good crunk music from start to finish. Produced by MC Assault, DJ Montay & Freddy B. Released on Big Oomp Records. 

Let's Start A Fight (feat. Slim J)


scjoha said...

Wow! Any chance on a reup?

JB said...

No problem, fixed!