Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Primo - Stickin To The Script [1994][San Francisco, CA]
1. Pump Ya Fist (Feat Herm)
2. Young Thug Life
3. They Jealousy (Feat T-Lowe)
4. Why You Wanna (Feat Cellski)
5. Money Gets Everything (Feat Hope)
6. Killa (Feat 11-5)
7. All Day Everyday (Feat T-Flow, Coke, Black & Kenya)
8. City of da Playas (Feat Aron)
9. My Beeper (Feat Big Mack)
10. Stay (Feat Ranona)
11. Three Og's (Feat T-Lowe & Fly Nate)
12. Bring Them Come (Feat Nappa & Gibbs)
13. Creepin Through the Fog


Frisco mobb shit at it's finest by Primo from Bayview. Herm Lewis is behind the album with production by Black C (from RBL Posse), T.C., The Enhancer & Reg. Released by Black Power production in 1994.

City of da Playas (Feat Aron)

Why You Wanna (Feat Cellski)

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