Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dosia - Waiting To Inhale [1998][Sacramento, CA]

1. Intro
2. G'Z at This (Feat Pizzo & Marvaless)
3. Bang on Niggas
4. Smash Down (Feat Huccabucc, Chill-Bola & Laroo)
5. Dirty Game (Feat Marvaless, & Cougnut )
6. Hardcore Raps (Feat Marvaless)
7. Family Ties (Feat Psycho & Contact)
8. Who Got the Bomb
9. Thought I Told Ya (Feat Flow)
10. Stress (Feat Mississippi)
11. Can't Trust No Bitch
12. Fucc the World (Feat Marvaless)
13. "G" Thang (Feat Contact )
14. Trues (Feat Probable Cauze)
15. Outro


Late 90's mobb music from Sacramento. Dosia (Killa Tay, Lunasicc and K.J.) released this record in 98 on AWOL records. The name Dosia sparked some controversy with Doja Clik from Stockton who claimed Killa Tay's group stole their name. The production is masterfully crafted by AWOL producers Zaboo (Boozilla) from Denver, Killa Tay, Andolis, D-Wiz, B.C, clever and Bay legend One Drop Scott.

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