Saturday, January 28, 2012

U.N.L.V. - Uptown 4 Life [1996][New Orleans, LA]

1. Intro (Feat Ziggy Wiggly)
2. Uptown 4 Life
3. Drag 'Em "N" Tha River
4. Pocket Full of Furl (Feat B.G.)
5. Up Town Gun Show (Feat Ziggy Wiggly)
6. 211-187 Listen
7. Chill and Hussle
8. Manny Fresh Mix (Feat Ms. Tee)
9. Rape U 4 Your Life
10. Boom Get Chopped
11. Head No Screws
12. Low Down and Dirty
13. Playa Hate'n
14. Jazzy Bitch
15. Black Connection (Feat B.G., Kilo-G & Ms. Tee)


Great album by U.N.L.V. (Uptown Niggas Living Violently). The legendary New Orleans bounce group consist of rappers Tec-9, Lil Ya, and Yella Boy. Some highlights are Drag Em N Tha River a Mystikal and Big Boy Records diss, Rape U 4 Your Life, Jazzy Bitch and a UGK Pocket Full Of Stone homage called Pocket Full of Furl, built on Herbie Hancock's Watermelon Man. Produced by Mannie Fresh and released on Cash Money Records in 96.
(RIP Yella Boy)

Drag 'Em "N" Tha River

Bonus: Mystikal - Back From The River (Cash Money/U.N.L.V. Diss)

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