Sunday, October 09, 2011

DJ Zirk - Nuttin But Killaz [1995][Memphis, TN]

Side One
1. Nuttin But Killaz Intro
2. Mind Blowin'
3. Skit
4. Blame It On Tha Dope
5. 9mm
6. What do you see

Side Two
7. Take Over Skit
8. Fuck'em All
9. Full Of Smoke
10. Da Chewin'
11. Ana Skit
12. Shit Popz Off
13. Dedication


2 Thick/G.S. Production release called "Nuttin But Killaz" from M-Town veteran DJ Zirk.
Known for the scratching on the first 8Ball & MJG tape "Listen to the lyrics" from 1991 and a bunch of underground releases with his 2 Thick family and DJ Squeeky, classics like "Lookin' 4 Da Chewin'" and "Lock Em In Da Trunk".

Fuck Em All


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JB said...

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