Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tweedy Bird Loc - No Holds Barred [1994][Los Angeles, CA]

1. Album Bitch (Feat Ronnie Phillips & Stank, J)
2. Tweedy for President
3. Dub Sack
4. I'm Calling You a Bitch (Feat Fo' Clips Eclipse)
5. Walk That Walk (Feat Young Soldierz, Keystone, Fo' Clips, Lil Leak & Lil Stretch)
6. Outta Here (Feat Lil Leak, Red Rum, Silkski)
7. Girls I've Done Fucc Before (Feat Lil Leak, Fo' Clips & Big Bun)
8. Keep on Walkin (Feat Fo' Clips Eclipse)
9. My Dicc Is Still Prejudiced
10. Gangsta Tweed
11. I Got My Strap
12. Fucc Miami (Feat Stank, J, Lil Leak, Fo' Clips Eclipse & Keystone)
13. C Thru the Bullshit (Feat Baby Bird)
14. Real Gangsta Shit
15. Y'all Can't Fucc With Us (Feat Red Rum 781, Duke, Leroy, Fo' Clips, Big Bun)
16. Street Jokes
17. Dangerous Is the Shit (Feat Lil Leak, Red Rum, Fo' Clips, Big Stretch, Keystone, Popps)
18. Shout Out


"Yeah nigga you rather jack off with a grizzly bear than to fuck with me bitch"
Tweedy Bird Loc from Y'all Can't Fucc With Us

Tweedy Bird Loc is the man behind the Bloods & Crips project and Dangerous Records together with Ronnie Phillips. This is his best solo album with production by Ronnie Ron, himself, Big Wy, D-Fingaz,Pimper Jackson, Lil Stretch, East Side Tag Team & Leroy Dukes. As usual with Gangsta Tweed the record is filled with disses, on this record he takes shots at Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, KRS-One, Tim Dog, Fat Joe, Vanilla Ice, Everlast, MC Serch, D-Nice, Luke Campbell (of 2 Live Crew), Big Bank Hank, Eazy-E & MC Ren. Released on Dangerous Records in 94.

Y'all Can't Fucc With Us

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