Sunday, November 28, 2010

Silky Slim - I Sold My Soul To The Hood [1994][Baton Rouge, LA]

1. On Fire (Gangsta XX Mix)(Featuring Munsta Funkenstein)
2. Another Massacre
3. A Little Something For The Hoes
4. Kill Or Be Killed
5. I Sold My Soul To The Hood
6. Thank U-G
7. 50 cent Cop
8. Dumpin' On Em
9. What It Is
10. I Feel Like Killing A Nigger (Featuring Joker P)
11. American Justice
12. 1-8-7...R.I.P.
13. Party...Shouts Out


Good solo tape by Silky Slim from the legendary Baton Rouge group Bottom Posse(Joker P & Silky Slim). Produced by Braindead & Gangsta Muff, released on S.D.E.G. (Swamp Dog Entertainment Group) Records in 94.

I Sold My Soul To The Hood

Bonus: Silky Slim seeks peace in Baton Rouge Article from 2010

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