Monday, September 27, 2010

Suga Free - Street Gospel [1997][Pomona, CA]

1. Intro
2. Why U Bullshittin'?
3. I'd Rather Give You My Bitch
4. Doe Doe And A Skunk
5. Don't No Suckaz Live Here
6. Tip Toe (Featuring DJ Quik & Hi-C)
7. I Wanna Go Home (The County Jail Song)
8. If U Stay Ready (Featuring Playa Hamm)
9. Fly Fo Life
10. On My Way (Featuring El DeBarge)
11. Secrets
12. Table Interlude
13. Dip Da
14. Tip Toe (Reprise)


Beautiful record by the pimp from Pomona. Suga Free's permed out unique flow over DJ Quiks smooth funky rhythms is a perfect match. Released on Island Black Music in 97.

Videos: Why U Bullshittin'?
On My Way

I'd Rather Give You My Bitch


Andrew said...

this guy sorta reminds me of mac dre -- thanks maynee

JB said...

Yeah they got a similar style, like a conversational pimp flow, luv it.
They made a great song together on Mac Dre's - The Genie of the Lamp.

Mac Dre & Suga Free - My Alphabets

Andrew said...

hahaha -- thats one of my favorite tracks off Genie -- didn't realize suga free was on there for some reason

'And since you wanna report it, I crushed up some crystal meth, lined it up and snorted it!'

JB said...

Hehe classic line!