Sunday, August 29, 2010

DJ Sound - Vol 10 "Hatred" [1995][Memphis, TN]

Side A
1. Intro
2. Watch out fro da click
3. Hoish azz niggaz
4. Kicking'n Doors
5. Killing Muthafuckaz
6. O.S.P.
7. All i want is just cheese

Side B
8. Get out my way
9. Beat em down
10. Hoes aint just hoes part 2
11. Ridgecrest killaz
12. Lick on da nutz
13. Outro


Dope tape by DJ Sound from the Ridgecrest(Frasyer) area of North Memphis. Mudafuckin Sound is a masterful producer with those eerie grimey beats, one of the best in M-Town.

Hoes aint just hoes part 2

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