Sunday, November 01, 2009

Devin The Dude - The Dude [1998][Houston, TX]

1. The Dude
2. Sticky Green (Feat. Scarface)
3. Don't Wait (Feat. Spice 1 & DMG)
4. Do What You Wanna Do
5. Mo' Fa Me
6. Alright (Feat. Randy-Ran)
7. Bust One Fa Ya
8. See What I Could Pull
9. Write & Wrong
10. One Day At A Time (Feat. K-Dee & K.B.)
11. Boo Boo'n
12. Like A Sweet (Feat. Scarface, Jugg Mugg, Killemall & Ant Live)
13. Show 'Em (Feat. K.B.)
14. Ligole Bips (Southern Girls) (Feat. K.B. & Odd Squad)
15. Can't Change Me (Feat. K.B. & K-Dee)
16. I Can't Quit
17. Georgy (Feat. Kuirshan)


"Smokin weed and feelin fine in my Lacville 79"
From One Day At A Time (Feat. K-Dee & K.B.)

Timeless classic by Devin from 98. Pussy, Weed & alkohol is the theme and The Dude delivers his rhymes like a comedian over some laidback beats by Domo, Tone Capone, N.O. Joe and Scarface.

Favorite Joint: See What I Could Pull

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