Friday, August 21, 2009

211 - Hustlin Pays The Bill [1997][New Orleans, LA]

1. Intro
2. Death Is In My Hood
3. Pizza Man (Commercial)
4. Hustlin' Is The Skillz
5. These Are The Tools
6. C Tuck (Commercial)
7. Redrum
8. Down In The Boot
9. A Muthafuckin' Hustla
10. A G Til I Die
11. 211's And 187's
12. Outro


G-Funk influenced Gangsta Bounce from New Orleans. Released on Untouchable Records in 96, with production by N.O legends like Ozone, Mannie Fresh and T-Bone. The cover alone is worth the album.

Favorite Joint: 211's And 187's
Rating: 17/20

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