Saturday, July 18, 2009

UGK - Super Tight [1994][Port Arthur, TX]

1. Return
2. Underground
3. It's Supposed to Bubble
4. I Left It Wet for You
5. Feds In Town
6. Pocket Full of Stones Pt. 2
7. Front, Back & Side to Side feat Smoke D
8. Protect & Serve
9. Stoned Junkee feat Mr 3-2
10. Pussy Got Me Dizzy
11. Three Sixteens feat DJ DMD


Masterpiece from 94 by the duo from PA, the Blueprint for "Country Rap Tunes". Bun B and Pimp C has never been better and the production is top notch all the way.

Favorite Joint: Front, Back & Side to Side Smoke D
Videos: It's Supposed to Bubble
Rating: 19/20

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