Friday, June 05, 2009

Rap-A-Lot Records

Willie D - Controversy [1989][Houston, TX]

1. Do It Like a G.O. Feat Geto Boys
2. Fuck The KKK
3. Kick That Shit
4. Willie Dee
5. Put The Fuckin Gun Away
6. Trip Across From Mexico
7. 5th Ward
8. Bald Headed Hoes
9. Welfare Bitch
10. Kinky
11. I Need Some Pussy Feat Choice
12. Fuck Me Now


This classic Willie D(ee) album from 89 is one of the few 80s records i still enjoy. Willie D the hardest rapper of the Geto Boys goes hard on every track and making some great/entertaining points on a number of issues.

Favorite Joint: Welfare Bitch
Videos: Bald Head Gals
Do it like a G.O.

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