Saturday, March 07, 2009

West Coast

Kokane - Funk Upon A Rhyme [1994][Los Angeles, CA]

1. Ridin' on the Funk
2. From the Funk to the Back
3. Mo' Water
4. Slow Burnin' 22.5 Degrees Fahrenheit
5. I Need Representation
6. My Day Is Coming
7. All Bark No Bite feat Tha Alkaholiks
8. Bakin' Soda Free
9. Aftermath feat Above The Law and Dirty Red
10. No Pain, No Gain
11. Funkinmuffin
12. Shots Out
13. Shit, Goddamm
14. Don't Bite the Phunk


The definition of a funk/rap album must be Funk upon a rhyme, released on Ruthless records in 94. Kokane rap and sings his ass off on this one and the great Cold 187um from Above The Law is behind the crazy funky beats. Tight Deathrow diss track at the end to finish the record.

Favorite Joint: Aftermath feat Above The Law and Dirty Red
Video: Kokane - Slow Burnin 22.5° &


hugowittorf said...

den här är grym!
speciellt aftermath dissen är sjukt fet!

JB said...

Yes första vers på aftermath som cold187um droppar är en favorit, otroligt tung!