Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Bay Area

Too Short - Cocktails [1995][Oakland, CA]

1. Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'
2. Cocktales
3. Can I Get a Bitch feat Ant Banks
4. Coming up Short
5. Thangs Change feat Malik and Jamal from Illegal and Baby D
6. Paystyle
7. Giving Up the Funk feat The Dangerous Crew
8. Top Down
9. We Do This feat MC Breed, 2Pac and Father Doom
10. Game feat Freddy B
11. Sample the Funk
12. Don't Fuck for Free


Rap pioneer Too $hort is probably the only rapper from the early 80s that is still relevant today. Cocktails was already his 9th album in 95 and it´s my favorite. Great pimp storys and amazing production by bay legend Ant Banks etc.

Favorite Joint: Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'
videos: Cocktales
Top Down (re-mix)


Anonymous said...

How could you only give Short 18 out of 20 and give ball&MJG 19? This is ten times better!

I don´t get your rating system at all. you always give between 16 and 19 points. There´s not really an additional value in your ratings when pretty much everything is rated the same.

Aside from that your blog is great! I already got like 10 Screw tapes from you.


JB said...

Thanks for the props mayne.
Well the rating system is rather simple, i only post my favorite albums and some of my favorites i like better than some others. On Top Of The world and Cocktails are both classics, but i think on top of the world is a little bit better.

1Dj Screw - 10 Deep 19/20
2Dj Screw - Layed Back Rollin 18/20
3DJ Screw - G'd Up Shit 17/20
4Dj Screw - Done Deal 16/20

I love all those tapes but if i had to choose one tape to download i would choose 10 deep.

16= 8
17= 8.5
18= 9
19= 9.5
20= 10

Appreciate your comment.

Unknown said...
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