Saturday, November 15, 2008


Fat Pat - Ghetto Dreams [1998][Houston, TX]

1. Am I a Playa
2. Body Roc Featuring Big Steve
3. Peep N' Me Featuring Lil' Keke & Ronnie Spencer
4. 3rd Coast Featuring C-Note
5. Reality
6. Superstar Featuring Mike D
7. I'm Tha Man featuring Pymp Tyte
8. Ghetto Dreams
9. Why They Hatin' Us Featuring Double D
10. Pymp Tyte
11. Tha Last Man Standin
12. Tops Drop
13. Do U Like What U See Featuring Big Pokey & Double D
14. 5x
15. Friends We Know Featuring C-Blount
16. Missing Our G's Featuring H.A.W.K. & Double D


My favorite SUC Rapper Fat Pats debut album, sadly released on wreckshop records only 2 weeks after his death. Patrick Hawkins sings and rap like nobody else, his unique style and voice makes this record a timeless classic. The tight production is made by wreckshop producers Knok D and Double D.

Favorite Joint: Do U Like What U See Featuring Big Pokey & Double D

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Space Hogg said...

Grym Skiva!

Kekes senaste har droppat nu. Riktigt tungt.

Vore kul att höra vad du tycker.