Monday, October 13, 2008

Rap-A-Lot Records
Trinity Garden Cartel - Dont Blame It On Da Music [1994][Houston, TX]

1. In-Hoe
2. Peep
3. Don't Blame It On Da Music
4. Gangsta Stroll
5. Smoked Out Reggie
6. Rollin' Deep
7. Fire It Up
8. Essay
9. Charge It To The Game
10. Gank Town
11. Trinity Garden High
12. Play "Lil" Funky
13. The World Is A Ghetto
14. 1.2.3. Pass Yo Grip
15. The Ghetto My Hood (remix)
16. Out-Hoe


Tight album by Gangsta Gee, Herb Mann and D from the Trinity Garden block, located on the northside of Houston. The G-Funk production fits perfect with the gangsta delivery and the title track is really dope.

Favorite Joint: Dont Blame It On Da Music

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