Monday, July 14, 2008

Rap-A-Lot Records

Mr 3-2 - The Wicked Buddah baby [1996][Houston, TX]
1. Buddah Baby Intro
2. Coming Down featuring Sonia Moore
3. Dressed 2 Kill
4. My Sweet Trick
5. Them Against Me
6. Welcome to the Slab
7. Turning Lane
8. Kickin Flowz
9. Hit The Highway featuring Too Short and Eightball & MJG
10. You Wanna Ride featuring UGK
11. Buddah Nature
12. Buddah Baby Outro

Screwed up click legend 3-2 with his firs solo release , after two previous group album with Blac Monks and Convicts earlier on Rap-A-Lot. This is a great album by one of my favorite rappers/personalities.


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